Cottage Rules & Regulations

Pet Policy

Sorry, no pets are allowed.


Smoking of any kind is not permitted inside any cottage or any common area on the property. Smoking must be restricted to your private deck and cigarette butts must be disposed of in the fire-safe container provided.

Vaping and E-Cigarettes

Vaping and e-cigarettes of any kind are not allowed anywhere on our property. No exceptions.

Marijuana and Drug Use

The use or possession of marijuana or other recreational drugs of any kind is not permitted anywhere on our property, including inside your vehicle. This includes but is not limited to smoking, edibles, vaping, and extracts. This also includes drug paraphernalia, such as but not limited to pipes, bongs, and syringes. Violators to this strict policy will be asked to leave and no refund will be given. Your security deposit will also be forfeit in this case.

Day Visitors

Only registered guests are permitted on the property at Neptune’s Hideaway. Visitors are not permitted on our property at any time.


Fireworks of any kind, including sparklers and Chinese Lanterns, are prohibited at any time.


Each cottage comes with its own private fire pit for the enjoyment of our guests. Fire regulations may occasionally restrict their use during fire bans. All fires must be extinguished by midnight and never left to burn down. A water pail will be provided and you can refill the pail with water as needed. Never allow any burned firewood outside of the pit. Fires must never be left unattended and children are not to be left in charge of the fire at any time.

Quiet Time

A 10:30pm curfew will be in force for the enjoyment of our guests. All  outdoor noise will end by 10:30pm at the latest. Sound carries over the water and we are very respectful of our neighbors. Anyone not being respectful of other guests will be asked to leave. No refund will be given.

Rowdy and Disruptive Behaviour

Drugs, drunkenness, rowdiness, or any abuse, verbal, physical or otherwise, will not be tolerated and offenders will be asked to leave. We keep a quiet and respectful property. There is zero tolerance for disruptive or abusive behaviour. No outdoor music permitted at any time.

Garbage and Recyclables

The Bruce Peninsula is bear country and we do not want to invite them as our guests. Do not leave food or garbage of any kind outside overnight. This includes coolers. We do not wish to attract bears, raccoons and other wildlife. We will remove both the garbage and recycling at 10am and 9pm. If leaving in the morning before I pick up the garbage, please leave the garbage tied and placed on your deck. Any garbage accumulated after 9pm must be kept indoors overnight.

We are Green and Clean. Please use our blue recycling bins and help keep the Bruce clean. The North Bruce Peninsula will only recycle tin cans, bottles, jars, plastic containers, paper and cardboard. Do not put food wrappers such as plastic wrap, sandwich bags, plastic grocery bags, styrofoam, tin foil in the blue box. These items must be placed in the garbage.

Nature and Wildlife

For you to enjoy while visiting. Do not damage or remove anything. Do not feed any wildlife. This includes but not limited to chipmunks, squirrels, geese, birds, and foxes.


All guests are asked to checkout by 10am latest. This is needed in order to prepare the cottage for the next guest. 

Limitation of Liability

Neptune’s Hideaway does not accept liability for damage or loss to personal property or injury to persons of any kind while using our facilities and grounds.