Big Tub Lighthouse

Originally constructed in 1885 for a cost of $675, the Big Tub Lighthouse played an important role guiding ships into the harbour from the sometimes-treacherous waters of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. The original structure was later replaced by the six-sided, 14 metre (43 foot) wooden lighthouse that is seen today.

An automated red light acts as a guide for boaters.  One of the more accessible lighthouse sites, it is located virtually at the mainland terminus of Highway 6. Repairs were required when a winter storm in 1987 washed away many of the lighthouse’s shingles and part of its foundation. Part of the walkway and parking area were also washed away.

Tobermory’s light still guides boats through powerful currents, frequent fogs and numerous shoals to the safety of Big Tub Harbour. The number of shipwrecks offshore testify to the dangerous waters of this area. These waters have become a mecca for scuba divers from all over the world.

This location is a very popular shore diving entry point.

depth: maximum 23 metres (75 feet)
Limited parking – Access via brick walkway – washrooms available
Please respect the rights of adjacent private property owners.

Submergence of the Niagara Escarpment provides an interesting wall dive. Look for numerous crayfish in crevices in rock. For your safety, contain diving to the area inside the restricted boating markers.


Big Tub Lighthouse